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Insulation Examples (Before & Afters)

Current Ontario Building Code requires a minimum of ‘R’ 50 insulation in the attic. However, we have found numerous houses built within the last 10 years to be significantly deficient in attic insulation. One of the most important benefits of having adequate insulation in your attic and walls is energy savings as a result of significantly reduced heat loss. Also, adequate insulation can help reduce the cost of air conditioning in the heat of the summer. The statistics vary, but some homeowners have reported as much as a 50% savings once their home has been properly insulated. Contact us today for a free quote.

Before (Left Side)                                                                                           After (Right Side)

This house, approximately 160 yrs. old, had zero insulation in the attic and was upgraded to ‘R’ 50.













This house, approximately 65 yrs. old, was upgraded from ‘R’ 30 to ‘R’ 50.













This house, approximately 50 yrs. old, was upgraded from ‘R’ 12 to ‘R’ 50














This house, approximately 8 yrs. old, was upgraded from ‘R’ 40 to ‘R’ 60.













This house, approximately 2 yrs. old, was upgraded from ‘R’ 22 to ‘R’ 50. Please note, the ‘before’ photo, the batt insulation was disturbed by previous electrical work and never replaced properly, causing a significant breach in the insulation coverage. 












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