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Design Your House To Stay Cool This Summer

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Renovation season is here and there was never a better time to starting thinking of ways to keep both you and your house cool this summer! Did you know that outdoor structures, such as a shaded front entrance or back deck, can actually keep you cool while also lowering your air conditioning costs? 

Our contractors have been busy with summer renovations that keep our client's homes cool. Lynn and Bill are now enjoying their mornings sipping coffee and enjoying their shaded, front entrance views under their their newly constructed breezeway! Read about their recent renovation experience with DG Brown Construction below!


“Our new 24 x 12 ft. breezeway, built by DG Brown Construction, has changed our lives. We start with coffee in the morning, reading, as the sun filters in from the east and the shade begins to grow on the west. During the day, playing in the garden gets darn HOT in this drought, but we can head into the shade and catch any breezes passing by. Many days, we rarely come into the house, thus saving air conditioning costs.

Previously, we had the standard 10 x 10 ft. garden gazebo, but as the sun moved, we too had to move. In addition, the dark lid was so low it trapped the heat. Not so in our NEW breezeway! The roof at its lowest point is just less than 8 ft and clad underneath in white soffit, aiding in keeping it comparatively cool.

The posts and beam give the area a traditional feel, and now homes hanging plants and our hummingbird feeder. We have received several inspections and compliments from visitors and passersby.

The concrete slab also helps keep it cool. It is the perfect entrance to our home and protects our entrance door. Only a couple of weeks old, we love our NEW breezeway. It has changed our lives. Thank you.” 

Lynn and Bill





Pictures by Bill Piton

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Looking for a home renovation that will keep you cool this summer? We can do them all!

Whether you want to keep the cool air in or the hot air out, DG Brown Construction has the summer cooling solution for you! Servicing Belleville, Madoc, Trenton, Napanee, Marmora, Stirling and the surrounding areas, our qualified contractors serve your community! 

Are you looking to redesign your home and create a shady escape from the intense heat waves of summer? Contact our local contractors at  DG Brown Construction!


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