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David and Janice with Scott McGillivray
David and Janice with Scott McGillivray
Scott McGillivray with our crew.

D. G. Brown has worked for Scott McGillivray, of HGTV fame

We had D. G. Brown rebuild a dry boat house, including foundation, structure, windows and door, vinyl siding and steel roof. The work was absolutely perfect in all respects. We are completely satisfied with the build, the clean up, the care they took to minimize disruption to our neighbours and all of our dealings with the office.

The work was scheduled and completed quickly and finished on time. The work was very professional and although we were not on site during the renovation we received regular progress updates and the place was left clean and safe. This was our second job completed by the company and we would recommend them to anyone considering work on their home or cottage.

Thank you for being so accommodating and removing the heavy waste from the site and updating the plans as we went along to ensure we were satisfied. Our neighbours stopped us to comment on how quickly and quietly the job was completed. Your workers also went that extra mile and planed an old “stuck” door in our pump house and rekeyed it to match the boathouse.


Our new 24 x 12 ft. breezeway, built by DG Brown Construction, has changed our lives. We start with coffee in the morning, reading, as the sun filters in from the east and the shade begins to grow on the west. During the day, playing in the garden gets darn HOT in this drought, but we can head into the shade and catch any breezes passing by. Many days, we rarely come into the house, thus saving air conditioning costs.

Previously, we had the standard 10 x 10 ft. garden gazebo, but as the sun moved, we too had to move. In addition, the dark lid was so low it trapped the heat. Not so in our NEW breezeway! The roof at its lowest point is just less than 8 ft and clad underneath in white fascia, aiding in keeping it comparatively cool.

The posts and beam give the area a traditional feel, and now homes hanging plants and our hummingbird feeder. We have received several inspections and compliments from visitors and passersby.

The concrete slab also helps keep it cool. It is the perfect entrance to our home and protects our entrance door. Only a couple of weeks old, we love our NEW breezeway. It has changed our lives. Thank you.   

Lynn and Bill

We were grateful that Dave responded so promptly with a visit AND that the problem doesn't seem to be an issue with our new roof.

We finished the floor and got our furniture in place just in time to relax and enjoy the holidays. 

Thanks for your part in making this happen. It's so nice to have a home again.

Rick and Cynthia

Moving to a new area, it can be hard to find good contractor you can trust.  After getting burned on our first try, we feel lucky to have found Dave and Janice on our second.  They and their team were a pleasure to work with, did the job well, on time and on quote.   Will definitely use them again

Matt and Lindsay 

Service provided; insulation

I'm very happy that you were patient with my repeated questions, and that you were willing to adapt the project to my specifications.

Your satisfaction level with work completed

The work was completed exactly the way I wanted it to be and has made an immediate improvement to the comfort level in my house. Exactly what we were looking for!

Timeline of work completed

It's a long bungalow, with a lot of square footage, so I knew it was going to take some time. And you were able to schedule us in quicker than I expected, so I was happy about that too.

Level of professionalism regarding safety, finishing in a timely fashion, etc. 

The crew were friendly and personable, and didn't seem to mind that I was curious about what was going on. They answered all my questions. They all handled themselves well in my attic. And at the end of the day, they cleaned my garage floor so it was cleaner than when they arrived. There was a fine dust everywhere, that settled over the rest of the day, but I know that was unavoidable. 

Would you recommend D. G. Brown Construction?

 Absolutely. It was the best quote, and the best customer service. Happy to support local.

Any other comments?

It was a big job, and I was stressed out about it beforehand, but on the day it was all very easy, friendly, and pleasant. So thank you for that.

I noticed on the truck that you do fencing and decking. One day we'll want to change our balcony, and we'll definitely be calling you for a quote.


Just wanted to let you know that James did a great job.  He was fast and proficient and pleasant to work with.We’re having him back to do some caulking on the windows and will be in touch for help with the many projects that need attention around our place.

Thank you!

Denice and John


DG Brown Construction is an excellent company to deal with (upgrade of attic insulation). They came on time, were very friendly, professional, finished on time, and cleaned up everything after the job. We would recommend this company highly. 

Mike and Barb

Service provided was excellent, Dave Brown and his team had done the roof on our house a few years previous so we knew the job on the Garage roof was was going to be top line. All done in a day, no mess, very professional job. I also like that they go around the building with a rolling magnet to get all the dropped nails. I highly recommend DG Brown Construction.

Mrs. Courtney


I am still totally loving the reno.  Every time I go up (to my cottage) I am happy about all of it! Thank you for making one of my big dreams come true!


Service Provided: My husband and I engaged David and his team to complete our spray foam insulation project in a very confined space in our basement. From the initial quote to the project's completion, D.G. Construction was very professional. We highly recommend D.G. Construction, and look forward to sending additional home projects their way as they left the place spotless, they did the work on schedule, and their workmanship was A-1.

Julie T

Hi Janice.

My comments with regards to the installation of the chain link fence are as follows.

The guys that did the work were very professional and were obviously experts at their job. It was apparent from watching them work that they were very diligent and wanted to do a job that would stand up to time and weather conditions. I noticed they enjoyed teasing each other which showed me they enjoy their jobs and make it fun to work together. I was particularly impressed with the way they left the property in pristine condition. The work was completed in a day and a half which considering the scope of the job e.g cutting back trees, drilling through huge boulders etc was no easy feat. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to family and friends. My husband and I are very happy with the results and look forward to many years of enjoying the beautiful fence that  has made the property stand out. Thank you for the excellent service you provided.


We contracted D. G. Brown Construction to replace our 30 year old deck and privacy fence.  Dave came, assessed the work to be done, gave us a quote and a time frame that he could complete the project    True to his word it was completed in the time and at the price quoted.  He and his crew were very friendly yet totally professional.  We were totally satisfied and highly recommend D.G Brown Construction for any construction needs as we will definitely call upon him if/when we require his services. 

Mary and Don

Service provided; very professional

Your satisfaction level with work completed; 10

Timeline of work completed; very accommodating

Level of professionalism regarding safety, finishing in a timely fashion, etc. All good

Would you recommend D. G. Brown Construction? absolutely

Any other comments? Looking forward to many years of maintenance free roofing.


Completely satisfied!
Very prompt estimate and service on time and on budget.
Very professional and safe and finished on schedule.
Definitely recommend D. G. Brown Construction, no reservations.

Although I was a little skeptical about the savings and improvements that Dave said I likely would realize by having this work done, since it has now been over two months and the house is appreciably warmer all the time and the furnace does not run as often as it did before the work was completed. I anticipate substantial savings in my heating costs in the future.


Dave Brown Construction built us an attached 24ft x 26ft .carport ( attached out front to an existing double car garage)  during summer of 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the entire Dave Brown Construction team. The entire group of guys were professional at all times and what we really appreciated was the fact that they kept us in the loop for every step of the process. No question went unanswered or was considered to be too dumb to answer. We were flexible in our timeline for completion so we were happy as can be with their progress. The team also kept the work area so clean that we felt that we needed to step up our own tidiness. They ran a magnetic bar over the ground area under the carport every day just to ensure that all nails were scooped up.

We would definitely recommend the Dave Brown Construction team to anyone that is interested. This is the 2nd time that we have used this team  ......... the 1st was back in the Spring of 2018 when they blew in more insulation to our attic. Another great job!

We found all of the team to be super friendly and as we have a great sense of humour .... it wasn't too long before the banter took place. A fun time!!

We have had lots of super positive comments regarding the carport from friends and family and neighbours.

Pat and Bill

They replaced the shingles on my garage. Did a great job! The crew was very friendly and fast, and they cleaned everything up before they left. Aside from the new shingles, you would never have known they were there.

Colin V

Hi Janice and Dave, Barb and I want to thank you for last weeks rush to the finish line to get things done.We appreciate the efforts and work that you and your crew have done.

I was pleasantly surprised, no, overjoyed when my son and I entered the back door early  Friday and saw the counter and appliances placed in the new kitchen,certainly did not expect that,

many thanks.

We had 13 people sleeping comfortably at the cottage Friday night and were able to move around without falling over each other when it rained.Thanks again. We are looking forward

to next season and a full summer with lots of room.

Barb and Dave 

We would highly recommend Dave Brown Construction for the following reasons:

........  great to work with

........  explained in detail how the job would be carried out

........ punctual  and the team got right to work

........ the entire team were very professional, easy to converse with 

...... took great care to make sure that they did no damage and/or create any mess anywhere

....... cleaned up after themselves as they left our home

When the job was completed we felt  really good about having hired this company. We are planning on using them again for future projects.

Bill and Pat

Hi Janice and Dave,

I just wanted to say thank you for your great work.  We are very happy with the insulation.  We noticed an improvement in our upstairs heat right away.  And we are eager to see our energy bills go down! Thank you for completing the Green ON paperwork on our behalf. 

Thanks again,


Service provided; Insulation of my home’s attic space to bring it from R22 to R50. Your satisfaction level with work completed; I am very satisfied with the work that was done.  The team was courteous and professional.Timeline of work completed; The work was completed in a very timely manner from the day that my quote was done to the day that the actual work was done (a matter of days) and I really appreciated it as I was experiencing a significant heat loss through the attic. Level of professionalism regarding safety, finishing in a timely fashion, etc.   The team worked well together providing excellent professional service in a very timely manner. Would you recommend D. G. Brown Construction?  Yes


Service supplied - attic insulation Once Dave came to assess the work I needed to have done it was only a matter of days until his crew arrived to  complete the job.  The crew worked together well and were respectful of both my home and myselfI found Janice and Dave both very helpful in supplying names of other contractors that can help me finish the repairs that I need to have done. 

 I will call their company the next time I need someone I can trust. I appreciate your help.


What was the service provided? An addition of  3 bedrooms and bathroom to blend in with existing structure along with incorporating a new steel roof on the existing cottage in with the addition.Everything blends together as if it was all done at the same time, looks great.

Were you satisfied with the finished product? Very satisfied.

Did David hold to the quote you were given? Yes , held to quote, and appreciate that fact!

Did the crew complete the work in a timely fashion? Any hold  to getting started was due to the weather/rain.

Were they professional in their work standards re: safety etc? Yes.

Would you recommend D. G. Brown Construction? Yes I would.

Dave Cole

What was the service provided? The service provided was blown in cellulose insulation.

Were you satisfied with the finished product? I was very impressed with the finish product.

Did David hold to the quote and timeline you were given? The quote matched the invoice at the end of the job and David was very timely and flexible for when he could come and do the job.

Were they professional in their work standards re: safety etc? The crew finished the job in the same day and were very tidy, leaving the house as clean as when they showed up, very professional.

Would you recommend D. G. Brown Construction? I would definitely recommend DG Brown construction to anybody who needs insulation done.


Service provided; Repair / update insufficient insulation in a 15 year old home.Your satisfaction level with work completed; 10 out of 10.Timeline of work completed; Work completed ahead of schedule.Level of professionalism regarding safety, finishing in a timely fashion, etc.Supervisor and crew clearly were professional level.Would you recommend D. G. Brown Construction?

Here is the win list.

  1.          Returned my intitial phone call promptly.
  2.          Arrived on site within 24 hours of the call.
  3.          E-mailed the assessment and estimate within the next 24 hours.
  4.          Completed the job 10 days early when an opening came up in their schedule.

I would recommend D.G. Brown Construction happily.


The job was three steel roofs on island cottage buildings.The job came in at the quoted amount and was completed as discussed.Once the materials were available the job was quickly completed. I would recommend D. G. Brown Construction. they were very good at communicating with me throughout the process including pictures of the process and the finished work. Working on an island was no problem for them. It was a pleasure to deal with David and Janice. See pictures.


The crew were very professional. I was impressed the moment the crew stepped out of their vehicles. They were on time, approached me to introduce themselves and explained what they would be doing their first day, why they would have to skip the scheduled second day (rain) and how they planned to complete the work on the third day. 
They asked for permission to come across the lawn to leave the trailer rather than assuming I would be expecting that to happen. There was no sign of them having been working on the roof after they left the first day and when they completed their work on the roof they left noting behind.

Selma Bochnek

We have used DG Brown Construction, twice, to blow insulation into the attic of two homes we own. Both times the job was done professionally, on time and the people employed to do it were personable, polite and careful to ensure as little mess as possible during and after the work was done. The owner of the company even dropped by to see that the work was being carried out properly. As well, the price was in line with other companies that do similar work. I highly recommend this company. We would use them again without hesitation.

Linda Lamont-Reid

I have had Dave and his crew complete several jobs over the years and they are always professional in every respect. Starting and finishing on time with excellent workmanship. Finished price has always been exactly as estimated. Highly recommended! 

Eric Fry

Greetings to one and all as we anticipate the winding down of winter and the unfolding of spring.

In the summer of 2016 we had D. G. Brown Construction replace our roof.The price was competitive; the work well done and finished on schedule. We feel confident we are now protected from the adverse effects of weather for some years to come.

William Perry 

We are very pleased with the work that David Brown and his crew did on our home, which included major renovations, two additions and three large decks.  The transformation to our 160 year old home is amazing! 

David Brown and his workers are very meticulous, hard working and professional.  We would highly recommend D.G. Brown Construction to anyone interested in making improvements to their home.

Nancy and Mike (2016) See photos

"I would highly recommend D. G. Brown Construction for a number of reasons.

All work was quoted promptly, in an easy to understand format. Any changes required to the original quote due to changes requested by me, or unforeseen circumstances, were sent prior to work being initiated. Because the project was an addition, there was the added challenge of making parts work with the original 1986 structure which had shifted and was built with different standards than are used today. Dave was able to restore it, improve on the foundation and return it to the lovely place it once was.

I was impressed with how Dave and the crew were flexiable and able to “make it work” in many situations where I think others would simply have given up. The project was delivered on time, all materials were kept in an orderly fashion, the site was left clean and safe manner. All correspondence was handled in a respectful, timely and professional manner.

My family has been going to this lake since the late 1800’s. I have always planned to have a serene, beautiful place to enjoy, and I can definitely say that Dave and Janice and the entire crew at D.G. Brown Construction have been a big part of making that dream come true."

Nancy, March 2015

"D. G. Brown Construction Ltd. did an excellent job repairing and putting new shingles on our roof. We knew we needed new shingles, but kept putting it off until one day our living room ceiling started to leak. I called Dave right away. He said we are coming, choose a colour. I left for work one morning at 7:30 a.m. and when I returned at 5:30 p.m. our roof was done. The crew went above and beyond by taking down old Christmas lights and cleaning out the eavestroughs. Want a job done right and on time, I recommend D. G. Brown Construction Ltd."

Roseann Trudeau

May 26/2011

"Dear Dave, We want to thank you again for your help, understanding, patience and your incredible job in insulating our old home. You made it all possible and affordable on our pensions. You have revived our belief in the continued existance of good people and even convinced my old husband of the value of insulation - saving us thousands.

When the government inspector tested our house the first time, he couldn't get his fan going fast enough to complete the test. Though he tried long and loudly, the house was just too leaky so he had to give it an educated guess. After you and your team finished insulating and sealing it, he returned. Clearly impressed, he asked your name then set up his fan for the air loss test. Within minutes he was finished - we hadn't heard a sound from the fan. That evening he called and said not only did our home pass the test but it did so well that we would be receiving a bonus on the government grant of nearly $500.00 thanks to the excellence of your work!

I have recommended you to several people who wanted insulation or construction work done. It goes without saying that any future work needed by us is yours.

Again, thank you so much,"

Frank and Dale Smart
Flinton, Ontario

"Dave thank you so much for the great work you and your crew have done. I am very satisfied with the work and the time you took to do the work. I also really appreciate the work you did beyond what you had to do. In this time in need, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know my husband would have been very impressed, and pleased also, and would have wanted to tell you and your crew what great work you do. I have talked to several people about it. I have also shown some people the pictures.”


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