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I would highly recommend D. G. Brown Construction for a number of reasons.

All work was quoted promptly, in an easy to understand format. Any changes required to the original quote due to changes requested by me, or unforeseen circumstances, were sent prior to work being initiated. Because the project was an addition, there was the added challenge of making parts work with the original 1986 structure which had shifted and was built with different standards than are used today. Dave was able to restore it, improve on the foundation and return it to the lovely place it once was.

I was impressed with how Dave and the crew were flexiable and able to “make it work” in many situations where I think others would simply have given up. The project was delivered on time, all materials were kept in an orderly fashion, the site was left clean and safe manner. All correspondence was handled in a respectful, timely and professional manner.

My family has been going to this lake since the late 1800’s. I have always planned to have a serene, beautiful place to enjoy, and I can definitely say that Dave and Janice and the entire crew at D.G. Brown Construction have been a big part of making that dream come true.

Nancy, March 2015

D. G. Brown Construction Ltd. did an excellent job repairing and putting new shingles on our roof. We knew we needed new shingles, but kept putting it off until one day our living room ceiling started to leak. I called Dave right away. He said we are coming, choose a colour. I left for work one morning at 7:30 a.m. and when I returned at 5:30 p.m. our roof was done. The crew went above and beyond by taking down old Christmas lights and cleaning out the eavestroughs. Want a job done right and on time, I recommend D. G. Brown Construction Ltd.

Roseann Trudeau

May 26/2011

Dear Dave, We want to thank you again for your help, understanding, patience and your incredible job in insulating our old home. You made it all possible and affordable on our pensions. You have revived our belief in the continued existance of good people and even convinced my old husband of the value of insulation - saving us thousands.

When the government inspector tested our house the first time, he couldn't get his fan going fast enough to complete the test. Though he tried long and loudly, the house was just too leaky so he had to give it an educated guess. After you and your team finished insulating and sealing it, he returned. Clearly impressed, he asked your name then set up his fan for the air loss test. Within minutes he was finished - we hadn't heard a sound from the fan. That evening he called and said not only did our home pass the test but it did so well that we would be receiving a bonus on the government grant of nearly $500.00 thanks to the excellence of your work!

I have recommended you to several people who wanted insulation or construction work done. It goes without saying that any future work needed by us is yours.

Again, thank you so much,

Frank and Dale Smart
Flinton, Ontario

"Dave thank you so much for the great work you and your crew have done. I am very satisfied with the work and the time you took to do the work. I also really appreciate the work you did beyond what you had to do. In this time in need, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know my husband would have been very impressed, and pleased also, and would have wanted to tell you and your crew what great work you do. I have talked to several people about it. I have also shown some people the pictures.”


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